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Synthetic Hair Extensions Reviews

Many people do not know that synthetic hair extensions can be harder to take care of then actual hair itself. When you have synthetic hair extensions, there are several tips and ways to keep them in the best shape as possible, so you do not have to spend a fortune on new ones all the time.

The first thing to do is check to see what kind of quality you are buying. There are several different types of synthetic hair extensions out there, and the quality of them will determine several things. If you purchase the cheapest kind, then they will most likely not be able to withstand heat and melt under the extreme conditions. However, if you do want extensions that can withstand heat, especially if you use heated styling tools often, look into getting synthetic fibre such as Monofiber or Thermofiber because they can take the heat to a certain point without melting.

Another great tip in taking care of synthetic hair extensions is using detangling spray on them daily. This will not only stop the hair from getting to tangled but also keep it from getting frizzy as well. Also, you want to comb through the extensions daily with a comb or brush specifically designed for them. Other normal combs or brushes can cause the extensions to pull out.

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When keeping up with synthetic hair extensions, you also want to make sure you wash out hairspray or any other product that you have used with mild shampoo or conditioner. A lot of people do this but still miss another important step: make sure it is in cold water. You can even find shampoo specially designed for wigs and synthetic hair extensions.

Another tip to keep in mind is trim frizzy ends. Once you do this, rub some oil onto the synthetic hair and then comb. Leave the oil in for about an hour then was with shampoo and rinse.

Finally, one of the most important tips to remember is making a decision to remove or get new hair extensions before they look too bad. At about six months, the hair extensions start moving up the hair shaft. This can make them loose or uneven.So make a decision whether you will keep getting synthetic hair extensions or not before it is too late.

How to choose the best electric shaver

How to choose the best electric shaver

Between aesthetics and hygiene, shaving routine should be fun and spiritual, not a trivial gesture. When deciding what to buy, choose the right electric shaver base on affordability, comfort, safety and if you must, the most stylish you can get so that you look cool when doing your routine morning shave. Choose the wrong shaver and it can promise you waking up into a heavy morning of inconvenience and boring chores.

Here are some pointers to help you.


An electric shaver is a utility product which will likely be your shave companion for a long time, thus as so price must not be the key element when buying an electric shaver.

Pricing is crucial but if you wish for the best electric shaver then price mustn’t be at number one, however its down to each individual how much they can afford. Buying a shaver isn’t cheap and that’s why when you want to buy one, it’s important to get it right the first time.

The driving factors for selection of the best electric shaver should be closeness of shave, comfort and skin sensitivity. The new shaver you are about to buy must last and it must keep cutting day after day with comfort, which bring us to the following criteria;

Maintenance and Supplies

Every shaver will have their upkeep cost. Mainly to replace consumables or worn down parts such as blades and shaver head. If your best electric shaver comes with cleaning unit, it will also require replacement of cleaning cartridges once in a while. It is crucial to get all information prior to your purchase, on the pricing and availability of parts of your shaver models. Online store like Amazon will provide you with all the required informations with ease.


Good shaver comes with exceptionally sharp blades, It shouldn’t chops, pulls or tugs your skin. Instead it passes smoothly and slice hairs as easily, even if you haven’t shaved for a couple of days. It should feels good in the hand and able to guarantee smooth and close shave every time you use it.

linear Vs rotary shaver

Both systems have their own pros and cons. But in general, they are almost equal in performance and effectiveness. The final choice for the best electric shaver, this one or the other depends on the users and their personal preferences. The most up to date design of rotary shaver typically consist three rotating blades placed in a triangular pattern, with premium model can have up to five rotary blades. The linear shaver on the other hand, usually consist of 3 rows of foil blade placed parallel of each other. There is only one premium model with 4 rows of blade available on the market at this moment.

Wet or Dry ?

This really subject to one’s own preference, but majority of mens agree that wet shave with lather is most satisfying and pleasing. If you are always in a hurry in the morning, the wet capable shaver is recommended since you can just shave straight from the shower.

Additional Features

Additional features are to some degree important as they add a dimension to the shaver in in term of convenience and efficiency. Features like micro-vibration and flexible-floating heads that adapt itself to the contours of your face, especially in the hard to reach areas like the chin and certain areas of the neck. These added convenience are there to ensure the shaver performs at it very best.

Beside precision in cutting your hair stubs, what’s also important is cutting down the risk of nicks and cuts.


Cutting Height Adjustments

Shaving too close to the skin sometimes causes burns and abbrasions to skin, especially if you’re just adjusting to new shaver. The solution is to gradually adjust the cutting height mechanically or applying different pressure when shaving. Unlike the rotary shaver, this advantage is possessed only by certain linear type shavers (such as best electric shaver produced by Panasonic), with their unique cutting height adjustments ability.

Allergic Reactions

This is quite rare, but sometimes it happen. The other side of  a shaver blade is the risk of allergic reactions. Certain metal properties such as chromium or nickel when combined with the use of other shaving products (for example; foam) will cause chemical reaction sensitive to certain type of skin. If your skin falls under this category, then you must have known this by now.

Best electric shaver like Panasonic ES-LA93-K comes complete with docking unit that cleans, lubricates and charges the shaver. What this mean is a a hassle free shaver that prepare itself in advance so you end up with a clean, lubricated and fully charged shaver every time you want to use it.


top best hair brushes

Top 10 Best Hair Brushes

To make any vibrant hairstyle, the need of a Best Hair Brush becomes necessary. Hence, many hairstylists use different sorts of combs or hair brushes to set the locks however needed. Just by using a few types of brushes such as round brush, radial brush, palm-size brush, paddle brush and others, you can style your hairs quickly and perfectly.

For particular types of hairs like curly hairs, no brush is needed. But still, you can use curl brush or round brush to curl the hairs. Also, you can use a paddle or other brushes to straighten the hairs. These brushes will not just help to make new styles, but also assist in grooming your hairs and thereby give a silky touch to your hairs. You can find brushes for styling the wet hairs as well as the dry hairs. Large brush with detangled bristles is used to comb the wet hairs while blow brush is used to blow-out the hairs to dry them.

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10 Amazing Hair Brushes for Best Hairstyles


Below mentioned are the ten amazing hair brushes for best hairstyles.

Thermal Ceramic Round Brush


Thermal round brush comes with ceramic coated barrel that produces and absorbs heat in order to protect the hairs from getting damage during hairstyling at the high temperatures. The synthetic nylon temperature resistant bristles seem to be gentle on hair, and the ergonomic design allows in straightening, styling as well as adding volume to the hairs. Even such kind of round brush comes with a metallic coating.

Dual Bore Paddle Brush


Usually, dual bore paddle brush with nylon pins is better for all hair length and evenly distributes natural oil all over the scalp and hairs which make the hairs silky and shiny. This is found to be a universal brush that smoothes as well as detangles all kinds of hair types and textures. The dual bore paddle brush is a fantastic brush for great finishing touch-ups. The paddle brush is found in different shapes and size, and you can purchase the one that you love the most.


Bore Teaser Brush


Such type of brush appears with thin pointed handle and is suitable for combing all back hairs – may it be small, medium or long locks. This single brush plays a significant role in hairstyling and touch-up work to quickly give volume to the hairs, and the pointy handle helps in parting the hairs neatly. So, it’s better to use this teaser brush for multi-tasking. Teaser brush arrives with varied size – some heads are bigger, and some are smaller; likewise, some tails are short, and some are longer in size.


Palm-Size Detangling Brush


The small detangled brush best works in removing the tough tangles of the hairs with ease. It also helps in drying and styling the hairs, as well as makes the hairs shiny and reduces the splitting of the hairs and hair damages. This single palm-size detangling brush is great for both wet and dry hairs and is painless. Such palm-size brush comes with bare head and even with tiny finger handles which are usually used by most of the men.


Bombshell Blowout Thermal Brush


Bombshell is a brand developed by Amika, which is a boon to the hairstylists. This brush helps in blowing the hot air, just like a hair dryer. This ionic generator helps in getting silky smooth and frizz-free hairs. The brush is good enough for all types of hairs and all textures as well. The blowout thermal brush has a heat resistant handle that ensures comfort and easy styling. Men and women both can use this brush to make any hairstyle they wish.

Boar Bristled Oval Shaped Cushioned Brush


This oval shaped cushioned brush is excellent for multitasking and works great than any other blow out. While the brush is used to smooth as well as straighten the curls and tease the hair gently till the hairs get soften and straight. You can use this oval shaped brush for straightening the hair. Also, this brush arrives in other shape and is handy which can be easily carried in the travel bag.


Double Detangled Brush


The double detangled brush comes up with amazing features such as double-spaced rows of rounded teeth that help to destroy the critical tangles and further avoid any curls from springing back. While the ergonomic handle of this detangled brush makes it easy for the users to hold and brush properly. This brush is not just useful for soft hairs, but also for the hard thick locks. The double detangled brush works better than any other brushes.


Vented Dual Hair Brush


The Vented Dual hair brush is good for super fast drying and even assists in smoothing and straightening both the short and medium size hairs. Such type of hair brush is good for quick drying and is suitable for men and women. The hair brush is quite ergonomic and is too good for styling and blowing. Overall, it’s a great technology for all aged people, as anybody can use this brush with ease and resolve all the complicated tangles.

Bore Bristles Compact Brush


This kind of oval shaped bore bristles compact brush features great handles and comfy to hold and operate the hairs however you wish. As the name itself indicates compact brush, you will be able to find it to be travel-friendly and best fits for the women who want to make a ponytail or a simple bun. It comes with plastic handles that help in smoothing out tangles. Such a compact brush with the soft bristles is professionally designed and appears too stylish.


Ceramic Vented Radial Brush


The vented radial brush usually appears with 3 sided bristles that help in blowing and drying the long hairs in a more quick way. The brush features a professionally standard design with a non-slip handle that has holds a soft-touch casing which is much easy for making a perfect style blooming and grooming the hairs adding good volume to the hairs.

how to choose the best hair brush

How to choose the best hair brush

Not all hair brushes were created equal. Although it’s not always easy to differentiate between them. But ultimately, what works wonders for your friend – who has a long, thick mane – might be less than effective for your ultra fine crop. The secret to picking the perfect hair brush lies in knowing what materials will help bring out the best in your hair and its natural texture, rather than working against it. So we’ve taken this into account in our ultimate guide to hair brushes, highlighting what you should look out for when purchasing one to suit your hair type and styling needs.

Try a natural brush for fine hair.

For ultra fine or thin locks, a natural bristle brush is your best bet. They may be a little more dear than synthetic options, but the benefits are well worth the investment as they’ll last longer, too.


You’ll want to keep an eye open for boar bristled brushes, as they’ll help boost volume and evenly distribute the hair’s natural oils. This may sound counterintuitive if you have thin locks, but it’ll help give your hair a natural sheen, rather than leaving the oils to sit on the roots and scalp. Just remember to double-check that your hairbrush isn’t a mixture of natural and synthetic bristles, as the combination can be less than gentle on super fine tresses.

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Try a paddle brush for thick hair.

If you have thick or long hair, a large, flat paddle brush will be your best friend. Its benefits are twofold: its shape and size makes brushing a soothing experience, plus it’s anti-static.

Bristle-wise, go for plastic with pins on the end, as they’ll help to gently stimulate the scalp, but are sturdy enough to get through thicker, coarser hair. Paddle brushes are also cushioned, which acts as a gentle detangler for knotted thick locks, meaning less breakage. Be sure to keep an eye on those balls and pins on the tip of the bristles, though, because once they start to disappear, you’ll no longer be getting a nice massage while brushing, and most importantly, there’s no protection from breakage, which means it’s time to replace your hairbrush.

Brushes for curly/natural hair.

Hairbrushes for curly or natural hair? Before you start shaking your head in disdain, hear us out. There are two options for tangle-prone curls, coils and kinks. The first: a wood-bristle brush like bamboo. The idea is that it’s similar to finger-combing and is, therefore, gentle enough for your tresses. They’re also durable and, like boar bristles, can help distribute the hair’s natural oils, which is an added plus for anyone with thirsty natural hair or very curly locks.

The second option is a synthetic brush. But it’s important to bear in mind that not all plastic hairbrushes are the same. The bristles need to be slightly further apart than usual, while flexibility is also a key feature to look out for. It’s this freedom in movement that’ll help you avoid breaking and snagging fragile curls and afro textures.


Voluminous curls.

If you’re looking to create full-bodied styles or just want to make your flat hair appear thicker, consider a teasing brush. While you could use a normal brush that’s slightly wider for backcombing or creating volume, teasers are specially designed with serrated boar bristles, a natural material that’s softer on your locks. The subtle variation in bristle height also helps to create friction, but without damaging the strands.

What’s the best brush for blowdrying?

Round brushes are a styling heaven-send when blowdrying your hair straight or creating curls. Investing in natural boar bristles will help you achieve a flawless ‘do, because they’ll help distribute the hair’s natural oils and simultaneously offer volume that’s static-free. The best kind are the ones that are vented in the middle with compact bristles to help evenly spread heat.

Be careful to avoid metal, as you’ll literally be cooking your strands! Instead, stick to ceramic or ceramic and tourmaline combinations, which are easier on your hair because they provide less friction and, therefore, fewer tangles. And did we mention they also help combat frizz? Surely that’s a win-win. Tip: when the bristles start to fold or tilt over, it’s time to change your brush. And remember to clean your brush regularly. After all, the cleaner the hairbrush, the cleaner the hair!