Month: August 2019

Analyzing Poker Hands

The more basic of the poker hands are the blackjack hands. When you begin with your first two cards, if you have a blackjack hand, then this is strong. If you are miles away from having a blackjack hand, then it may be wise for you to fold. A blackjack hand is a king and an Ace, a 2 and a queen, a 3 and a jack and so on. Basically a hand that equals 20 or 21 is a strong blackjack hand.

You should be careful that you don’t rely on the fact that you have a straight for example. You should always remember the hands that are better that your opponent could have, for example a full house, flush or royal flush, as these will all beat your straight hand.

Many of the online poker sites have the ability to make a record of any hands that you have played in the past. You can make the most of this by looking at your past hands and seeing which ones won and which lost you money. Check the hands you had when you folded and see if these could have actually won if you had been braver at the time. Understand the record more carefully and weigh the consequences, try to realize why you fold a particular hand or why you did not fold for that matter. Knowing where you have gone wrong in the past when playing weak hands or folding too early could help you improve your technique.

You must be alert of your spot. The players who raise the bet, in an early position, will be the ones who have a strong hand. You should make sure that you have a strong hand for your position, or else fold in order to stop yourself from losing to the strong player. A player who is in an early position would be foolish to bluff, middle players are also not in very good position but still in a better place than the early position player. The best position that a player can get in order to bluff is the late position since he most probably seen the playing style of all his opponents.

Benefits of Free Games Online

  • It boosts curiosity and thinking skills. Many experts believe that curiosity is one of the most important factors for brain development. Many games provide the opportunity for players to think how the different elements work or find ways to answer a problem. Some games will even make you research for information or make you think hard for tricks to walk through the situation.
  • It promotes social interaction. Connecting with people of different ages and nationalities, and exchanging ideas, are an enjoyable gaming experience.
  • It cultivates the spirit of teamwork. Multiplayer online games are a good vehicle to work collectively in solving a problem. Players share ideas and learn how to work together.
  • It can be a good bonding moment between family members and friends. Playing online games with your family and friends is one way to foster a closer relationship.
  • It helps develop competitive spirit. Playing online games motivates you to win and succeed, an attitude which many players will take positively to apply in real life.
  • It provides an excellent opportunity to experience innovative technology. Exposure to web applications and innovative graphics inspires non-tech individuals to increase their computer literacy, which is an important skill these days. For tech-savvy players, they become more inspired to improve their craft.
  • It promotes technology advancement. Games are always updated, and new releases are always made available online. Players keep on learning new things. They become tech-savvy during the process.

Windows PC Games

  • Dota 2: Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) is a modified version of the old game Warcraft 3. Dota is the game of strategy and action. This is played by millions of passionate fans worldwide professionally and casually. You can pick a hero from the pool of heroes, form two teams of five players and battle with counterparts to control a fantasy landscape. It supports stealth, cunning, and outright warfare. In this game, every hero has an array of capabilities and skills. This game provides brilliant gaming experience.
  • Killer Instinct: This game has arrived packed with all new features. Rocking reactive music, over-the-top action, a wild cast of combatants, all new visuals and commendable C-C-C-COMBO Breakers it carries all fantastic features which make it one of the most admired games. You can choose from long list of combatants with various animations, exclusive combat tactics, and special attacks. It offers online multiplayer cross play, free fighter, powerful combatants, customization options, 20 stages and lot more. Above all, you can play it anywhere with the Cloud between Xbox and Windows 10.
  • Angry Birds: This is one of the most played and admired games in the world. Millions of users have enjoyed this game. It takes you back in old times into galaxy far away. Where a group of rebel birds faced off against the Empire’s evil Pigtroopers. It allows you to enjoy the adventure with Angry Birds in the legendary Star Wars universe. You need to fight Pigtroopers to finally face off against the terrifying Darth Vader. It is the fight to become a Jedi master and restore freedom to the galaxy.
  • Asphalt 8 Airborne: This game is played by millions of users over time. With 140+ official speed machines, stunning graphics, ultimate multiplayer racing experience this arcade game play at its finest. It offers you 400+ career events, 1500 car mastery challenges, five unique game modes, 40+ high-speed tracks and lot more. It allows interaction between the vehicles, environment. You can experience multiplayer action for up to 12 opponents.

Android Games

Android games are diversified into many categories; informational, educational, shooting games, puzzles, sports, racing, augmented reality games, location-based games and more. All these types are available for both high end and low-end Android phones.

There are low specification games for those low-end models so that you can enjoy them in your budget phones as well. This includes the lesser graphics content games that does not take much of your space. It is suitable for Android phones with low GPUs and smaller screen size as well.

Both freemium and premium games are available in the stores. Premium are paid-for games and freemium is the free games which often contain in-app purchase at certain levels. So it is advisable to monitor if someone other than you (like your kid) is using your phone; don’t click on those purchase options without knowledge.

To enjoy the best high graphics and well-designed gameplay, it is better to get a high-end model with a bigger screen and good GPU. Even you can enjoy those high-quality gaming effects by increasing the performance of your low spec, budget Android phones.

First and the simplest method to increase your low-end smartphone performance is by killing the applications that are running in the background before you start the game. You can use several task killer applications for this, as well. Most of the Android phones contain many applications that are of no use to an average user. These applications can be disabled which in turn increases the performance of your phone.

All you need to do is, go to settings, select ‘apps’, then select the applications to be disabled and click the ‘disable’ button. All these applications can be enabled in the future if you need them. Usually, the uninstalled applications or your internet browser often leaves behind junk files. These cache data often reduces your phone performance. To clear these data, go to ‘settings’ and click ‘storage option’, then select the cached data button and press okay.

Improve Online Gaming Experience

Don’t connect too many devices

At most of the Internet cafes, you can’t enjoy fast speeds. The reason is that the single connection is in use of many users at the same time. Therefore, we suggest that you don’t connect too many devices to the same connection at the same time. If a family member is downloading large files while you are playing games, your gaming experience will be terrible.

NAT settings

As a console gamer, if you play games online, we suggest that you get familiar with NAT settings. For good experience, you may want to set the NAT settings to open. With this setting, you can connect to any player of your choice. But in strict mode, your options will be limited and you will not have a great experience.

Keep things updated

It’s important that you keep the drivers of your system updated. And don’t forget to update the firmware either. Often, many serious problems and bugs can be fixed by updating firmware and driver. Graphics drivers may also give a performance boost.

Reduce graphics settings

You can set your game to the highest graphics settings if you are playing your game offline. To enjoy realistic scenes, you may have to sacrifice the frame rate. But if you play your favorite game without lags, we suggest that you play on lower settings.

Join a local server

If your game lets you choose your server, we suggest that choose a local server. Alternatively, you can choose one that is closest to your location. This server will give you better ping times. As a result, you will have a great gaming experience. On the other hand, if you opt for a server that is far away from you, the ping times will be higher and you will experience lags during your gameplay.

Far Cry 4


Just like the previous game in the series, Far Cry 4 is all about exploring a massive game world. And while in Far Cry 3 we had a luxurious island, now with Far Cry 4 we can explore a virtual world that is very similar to the Himalayan region. Named Kyrat, the place is filled with side missions, quests and a plethora of animals that just make the whole experience feel authentic. We liked the fact that the animals in Far Cry 4 actually play a major role in the gameplay, because you can use them in battle. In fact, if you want you can draw the animals towards enemies and kill them or you can even ride the elephants to destroy the games.

In regards to the combat, Far Cry 4 does a great job in keeping the same feeling found in the previous title, and even if it’s pretty much more of the same in this regard, the fact that you have a large, new world to explore more than makes up for it when it comes to innovation.

We found the game mechanics such as conquering towers to be very interesting, even if they are brought from the previous title. But maybe the best part about Far Cry 4 is that you simply aren’t restricted to play the game in any way, instead you can easily explore the game land as you see fit.

With so many missions and side challenges like driving buggies or kiting, it can be hard to focus on the current challenge that the main story brings. On top of that, we also liked that the decisions you make do affect the story, in fact there are two different endings that just wait to be unraveled, pretty much like in Far Cry 3.

No matter if you just want to use a C4 to get into an enemy compound or you just want to take a minute to explore the land for some new herbs to add to your collection, in Far Cry 4 you will be able to do all of that and more. And even though Pagan Min might not be the very bad villain that the trailers portrayed him to be, he still brings many challenges into the mix, and you will definitely be impressed by the story most of the time.

Co-op and PVP

Alongside the great campaign and singleplayer mode, Far Cry 4 also brings a challenging and fun multiplayer. You can engage in a PVP mode where you need to kill the others as fast as possible in order to win, which is actually a great game mode that has a neat progression system. And as if that wasn’t enough, the multiplayer is also bringing a cooperative experience that allows us to join one of our friends in a very interesting battle against the enemy forces.

Sounds and graphics

Graphically, this is the most visually appealing game in the Far Cry series, as it takes full advantage of the latest tech to make the snow, hair and even the backgrounds look as realistic as possible. Character design is great, animations are fluid and the whole experience of exploring Kyrat is an amazing one from a visual standpoint. There are some minor graphical bugs from time to time, but these aren’t game breaking at all.

The soundtrack is similar to what we were able to find in Far Cry 3, this time however we get a Himalayan version. As for the voice-overs, they are nicely done, especially when it comes to Pagan Min and the other main characters in the story.


Far Cry 4 successfully manages to capture the essence of a Far Cry game, and even though it doesn’t really innovate the formula, bringing more of the same is enough for shooter enthusiasts to have a killer time with the title. We recommend it to anyone that wants a wonderful time in the Himalayas, without being restricted by anything. Far Cry 4 is all about freedom, good shooting and an interesting story, so if you are looking for that, then the title is well worth taking a look at!

Kirby Super Star

Use any of Kirby’s amazing powers to create a “helper” to assist you in battle. Or have a friend join you for some two player action by taking control of Kirby’s helper. Help Kirby work through EIGHT challenging games filled with action and adventure. Enter the fray in Spring Breeze, enter a foot race against King Dedede in Gourmet Race and tackle a winged warrior in Dyna Blade.

Tweak your reaction skills in Megaton Punch and Samurai Kirby, then battle your way through the Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight and Milky Way Wishes. Each game is different AND some extra special surprises are in store for you!

It is classic Kirby game play and much more in 8 great games! The gameplay is both fun and challenging at times. Everyone will enjoy controlling Kirby around the Dreamland and beyond. You make your way around by swallowing Kirby’s enemies and then using them as projectiles or you can steal their powers if the enemy you swallowed has one. There are lots of enemies with powers so you won’t always have the same old powers over and over again.

The powers you get also do more than one thing, for example: if you acquire the beam ability you can shoot the beam regularly, charge it up for a powerful blast, grab an enemy and shoot it up and make these blue dots come out of the wand hurting enemies. When you have a power, you can also create a helper based on the power you have. The partner will then help you on your quest and can either be controlled by AI or a friend of yours can control it instead.

You can also find powers and touch them to get them in some places instead of sucking in and swallowing enemies. Kirby can fly, if you already didn’t know that and if you want you can fly over things. When underwater you can use certain powers but otherwise you have a special underwater attack.

The levels are fun and the enemies are well thought out. The bosses are great they range from easy to very hard and provide a good challenge while being fun at the same time. When Kirby stops flying he spits out a cloud of dust, which is capable of hurting enemies. Kirby can also slide when he is running to hurt enemies.

Here is a run down of the games in Kirby Superstar that are shown in the instruction booklet…

  • Spring Breeze – King DeDeDe has stolen all of the food in Dreamland and once again it’s up to Kirby to stop him. Spring Breeze is a simple yet fun way to introduce new players to the world of Kirby. With the classic Kirby formula of swallowing enemies and stealing their powers you make your way through the 4 stages you must get through. Each one containing a boss you must fight. It isn’t a challenge to most players but a good way to sit back and have some classic Kirby fun.
  • Dyna Blade – A giant bird called Dyna Blade is terrorizing the land and guess who is up to the task to stop her. Yup, that’s right Kirby is! Offering more levels, which will provide a greater challenge to players than Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade is a much bigger Kirby game contained in Kirby Superstar. There are also some secrets, which I will let you find on your own.
  • Gourmet Race – After climbing a really tall mountain to get the precious food that lies on top, Kirby discovers King DeDeDe is on the mountain too and he intends to take all the food. Kirby and King DeDeDe decide to have a race collecting food to see who gets it all. Basically you race King DeDeDe to the finish in the stages and collect the food while you’re at it. You can also play time attack to try to beat your best times.
  • Great Cave Offensive – While on a picnic, Kirby falls into a hole and discovers a gigantic cave rumored to have millions of dollars in treasure. Kirby must make it through the cave and collect all the treasure. Well you don’t have to collect it all but if you want 100% on your game file you need to collect it all. The Great Cave Offensive poses a challenge to even the most skilled players because some treasures can be quite hard to find and acquire.
  • Return of MetaKnight – The evil MetaKnight and his crew have set out to conquer dreamland with their giant flying ship. Naturally Kirby jumps on the warpstar and heads for the action. Revenge of MetaKnight can pose quite a challenge to people and it has a great story. It also uses the classic Kirby formula but many surprises and challenges await you.
  • Milky Way Wishes – The sun and the moon are having a fight causing the days and nights in Dreamland to become all mixed up. Guide Kirby through many different planets in an attempt to get things back to normal. Instead of the classic swallowing and copying powers, Milky Way Wishes is different. You find the powers and then you have acquired them permanently. You can then switch between different powers any time you want and this concept puts a whole new fun twist on Kirby action. Milky Way Wishes is extremely fun and quite difficult also at times.
  • Megaton Punch – This minigame is quite entertaining but also quite easy. You can play 1 or 2 players and select a level for yourself. First you set Kirby’s power meter by pressing any button when the power meter is full, then you press any button again when the two cursors flying around meet exactly to form one and finally you press any button when the swinging pendulum is inside the ring. Now you have your score and if it’s greater than your opponents you win. It’s that simple.
  • Samurai Kirby – Like the other minigame you select the amount of players and the level of difficulty in Samurai Kirby. This game is a test of reflexes and requires you to press any button as soon as you see “!”. Who ever presses it first wins. Don’t press any button to early because you will be disqualified if you do it too fast. Samurai Kirby offers lots of challenge and fun.

Some of the best on a SNES ever, Kirby has never before looked better. Most of the enemies look really good and well detailed. The food you use to restore Kirby’s health is also very good. The backgrounds are simply amazing and show Dreamland’s fascinating world well. All the movements on the screen look excellent; Kirby’s and the enemies. The little cut scenes are near perfect and really well detailed. Kirby Superstar is one of the best games in terms of graphics on the SNES.

Everyone loves to listen to the Kirby music, right? It’s pleasant to the ears and flows well with the game. Some stages may have mediocre music but most of it is simply the best. The sounds are also great and match with the actions cleanly and near perfectly. If you hit something with a certain power the sound you imagine to be heard will be heard. When you become invincible, you get a great fast paced music and who could forget the music from the Kirby dance. Everyone loves the Kirby dance, or at least I would think so.

The controls in Kirby Superstar are really good and easy to learn. You use the D-Pad to move Kirby around and can double tap the D-Pad right or left to dash. You also can press up on the D-Pad to go into a door and press down to make Kirby sit/duck. While pressing down and B at the same time will cause the star warrior to slide. Pressing the B button will make Kirby jump while pressing it continuously will cause Kirby to fly.

Your flying time is infinite so do not worry about falling. The Y button is probably the most important in the entire game as it causes Kirby to swallow enemies, which you can then spit out at other enemies or use to acquire an ability. The Y button also can be used to shoot air bullets while flying and use the water gun while under water. When you have a power you can use the A button to create a helper and if you have no power you can use the A button to get rid of the helper.

The L and R buttons cause Kirby to guard protecting him from most but not all enemies and obstacles. Start pauses the game and if you want to reset it you just have to press the Start, Select, L and R buttons simultaneously. You can also use the A button to warp to Kirby or self destruct yourself if you are the helper and can’t go too far away from Kirby but this is not too big of a problem.

With eight games in one plus the mini games, you will be playing Kirby Superstar for a long time. Collecting all the treasure in the Great Cave Offensive and all the powers in Milky Way Wishes will take you a while. If you have a second player to be the helper, you will be beating these games over and over again simply due to the fun of the multiplayer feature.

So that is Kirby Super Star in a nutshell. I highly recommend this game to anyone with a SNES, and I am really disappointed that we never saw a port for GBA or something, but oh well. They took what was good about the first Kirby game, put in some more mini-games, made it about finding all the secrets to get the real ending, and made it two player. What else could you want?

Playing Free Online Flash Games

First of all, the fun of playing flash games is somewhat related to design. The images used in these games are simply surprising. The work behind the design is tremendous, this being one of the reasons for which it is highly appreciated by users. Secondly, users discover that there is a sort of an addiction that comes together with flash games. Take for instance flash puzzle games. At first, it almost seems childish to play puzzle games online, but after some time, you are so focused on completing the puzzle and getting to the next level that you can’t even believe what is going on. In essence, these games are simple to play, which is why people choose them. Unlike strategy or culture games, the player can relax and enjoy making a puzzle. Before you know it, you have reached important levels of the game and you just can’t stop playing. Another important fact which might explain the high speed with which flash games have gained the impressive popularity level is, without a shred of doubt, diversity. There is at least one great alternative for each member of the family. Moreover, some of these games are used as educational tools. You would be surprised of how easy children can understand certain issues when using innovative means as the one mentioned above.

Truth be told, playing flash games and actually having fun depends greatly on the website you are using. It is very important to use a dedicated online platform when playing such a game. If you do not want for the game to block just when you are about to make the final move, then you should pay attention to the website you decide to use. Once you handle this problem appropriately, there is really nothing keeping you from enjoying a fun flash online game. Simply take seat in front of your computer, enter the website you have previously selected and choose a game which appeals to you. You will see how easy you will forget about all your work problems and the stress built up during the day. Flash games are a lot of fun, they’re free and easy to find. So, the next time you want to relax, be sure to try this option, as you won’t regret it.

Different Card Games

  • Panjpar is a popular two player card game that was made in Afghanistan. The game uses standard cards (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and so forth) and each player is dealt with five cards. Whilst playing their hand, the player has to draw new cards from the undealt deck to remain with at least five cards in hand. The objective of the game is to collect a hand that can win after the deck runs out. Once the deck runs out, the player who manages to play their whole hand wins whilst the other player who remains with all cards is named the loser.
  • Briscola is an Italian game that works with points. The cards used is a 40 deck set that uses coins, cups, swords and batons or clubs as suit symbols. If these cards are not available to you, a 52 card deck may be used but Jokers, Eights, Nines and Tens need to be removed in order to play properly. The game can be played with two to six players. Each player is given three cards and the rest of the cards are placed facing down on the table. The dealer then needs to take the seventh card and place it upright on the table. To win, a player or team needs to score at least 61 points.
  • Kalooki is a popular type of rummy game from Jamaica. The game is played with three to six players using two decks of 52 card sets including four Jokers. The objective of the game is to go out by laying all cards down. The game works on points with the Joker being the highest scoring point. Whoever has the lowest scoring points wins the game.
  • Sueca is a game played in Angola but comes from Portugal. The game uses four players that play in teams of two. The game uses 40 cards with Eights, Nines and Tens removed from standard card decks. Ranking from highest to lowest is Ace, Seven, King, Jack, Queen, Six, Five, Four, Three and Two being the lowest. The objective is to win tricks containing more than half of the card points which are 60 points. The first team to score four games wins the ultimate prize.

These are some fun and unusual card games to play if you want to pass the time. If you are thinking of getting a number of standard card decks, then you might want to consider visiting a cash and carry wholesale store. You could enjoy playing card games in coffee shops if you don’t feel like being at home.

Zombie Games

Dying Light

Dying Light may have a similar style of game compared to 7 Days to Die except that you encounter other survivors such as yourself and you are not completely free from the shackles and danger of zombies even during the day. They are just weakened by sunlight but are not out of your hair.


Lifeless adds some team spirit to the mix of zombie playing games. Here you have to team up with real-life mates to survive a zombie infestation. No one can defend a brain-craving monster looking to tear up any human in sight without some help.

Dead Space 2

One of the most successful zombie based game, Dead Space 2 is the second installment of the successful story-based zombie game. In this game, your purpose is not only to survive these mutated beings but find out where they came from in a quest to make a change for the greater good.


Roam brings more variety to zombie survival providing the option of surviving in numerous ways. You can use buildings to defend yourself or opt to customize your character to defend himself with the use of powerful weaponry. It’s up to you but the end goal is the same, to survive.

Dead Rising 2

If you are looking for variety, Dead Rising 2 might just be perfect for you. Enjoy the liberty of using whatever you can find as a weapon and observe how each of the different weapons can be used to take out these mindless creatures.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us combines the thrills and spills of fighting a zombie invasion with some top quality story telling. Embark on a comprehensive journey as your character evolves and has to make tough decisions in order to survive.

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive brings a refreshing new take on fighting zombies. This is a platform shooter where you have to keep running and jump through hoops in order to take out various undead beings in a carefree manner.