So, saying whether Rocket League is a flop game or not is debatable and to uncover the truth we will have to go down the rabbit hole of what is the meaning of a flopped game. Does it mean that the story of the game is horrible, or the mechanics are clunky, or does it mean the player base is decreasing or the attention it used to get is no longer there? Let’s get into the case: Is Rocket League a flop game? Or is it not aging well? Some people have argued that Rocket League is a flop game because of the game’s relatively small player base compared to other popular esports games, such as League of Legends and Dota 2 which have tons of tournaments and have hundreds of thousands of concurrent players. They also argue that the game’s competitive scene is dominated by a few top teams, which makes it difficult for new players to break in.

Rocket League’s early days:

As you all know Rocket League is an old game initially released in 2015 for PCs and consoles and the game saw quick success and got a cult-like player base in the first few months. The reason the game rose to quick success was because Rocket League was a fusion of two sports games Football and Racing and merging them was a unique approach considering the sports genre in video games is saturated. Needless to say, the first month after the release the concurrent players of the game were hovering around in the hundreds of thousands of players. Nonetheless the game also did have some flaws back then there was no rank mode.  The servers were not that good, also the Rocket League’s esports scene was nowhere to be found but things started to get better and better over time.

Rocket League’s Peak:

Explaining when Rocket League peaked can be difficult because of the metrics of peaks. Is having half a million concurrent viewers on Your Biggest tournament peaking or is it having the highest player count in the game or is it just profits that the company makes off of the game?

The peak days of Rocket League were in late 2020 and early 2021 because, in this time frame, the game went Free to play. This decision made the game more famous because it removed the hurdle of paying for casual gamers to try the game. The story is the same as every other paid game that went free to play. The player count saw A skew upwards posting well over 150 thousand on Steam. I know that the Steam Peak doesn’t look that good but remember the game is multi-platform while also being available on Epic and for that reason, the player base could be much higher than this. Other than that Rocket League’s esports scene also saw a huge attention spike because of the world situation at that time. Still, the game’s hype shows no signs of dying down.

The Downfall, Is It A Flop Game?

Rocket League’s downfall was not the typical one where one wrong move can cause the collapse but rather the fade-out interest from players and the community adding to the downfall because there also a lack of competition and opportunities for new organizations and players that want to enter the space of a competitive rocket league because the lack of structural talent hunt or hubs where players could showcase their skills.

Since I weigh three separate stages of the game and consider that Rocket League which is an 8-year game is still alive and kicking, Rocket League isn’t a flop game but rather showing its age. Rocket League still hosts major tournaments like RLCS which was played this August and was eventually won by Team Vitality Peak viewers of the tournament was around 468 thousand. The Steam player’s count peaked at around 41 thousand going by the numbers Rocket League still packs a punch and it is far from being or dead.

Rocket League Boosting:

Rocket League is a fusion of two sports games that is quite unique in its own way and if you have tried it out then you’ll know that it is much more complex than it looks. The default controls are not that great at first time and because it is a fusion it will be difficult to get a grasp on it. A great way to avoid this hassle and be on the upper-rank ladder is to buy rocket league boosting. This way you can get a much higher rank than your current one and you can also jump in with the booster to see how he plays the game and learn from him firsthand.