The more basic of the poker hands are the blackjack hands. When you begin with your first two cards, if you have a blackjack hand, then this is strong. If you are miles away from having a blackjack hand, then it may be wise for you to fold. A blackjack hand is a king and an Ace, a 2 and a queen, a 3 and a jack and so on. Basically a hand that equals 20 or 21 is a strong blackjack hand.

You should be careful that you don’t rely on the fact that you have a straight for example. You should always remember the hands that are better that your opponent could have, for example a full house, flush or royal flush, as these will all beat your straight hand.

Many of the online poker sites have the ability to make a record of any hands that you have played in the past. You can make the most of this by looking at your past hands and seeing which ones won and which lost you money. Check the hands you had when you folded and see if these could have actually won if you had been braver at the time. Understand the record more carefully and weigh the consequences, try to realize why you fold a particular hand or why you did not fold for that matter. Knowing where you have gone wrong in the past when playing weak hands or folding too early could help you improve your technique.

You must be alert of your spot. The players who raise the bet, in an early position, will be the ones who have a strong hand. You should make sure that you have a strong hand for your position, or else fold in order to stop yourself from losing to the strong player. A player who is in an early position would be foolish to bluff, middle players are also not in very good position but still in a better place than the early position player. The best position that a player can get in order to bluff is the late position since he most probably seen the playing style of all his opponents.