As an overview, know that all the quests that are part of Far Cry 4 are basically the same as they are. They still include diffusing bombs, hunting animals, completing assassinations, hunting for supplies, choosing Golden Paths, going through propaganda centers, and the Pagan’s wrath. Kyrat is a much more complex place in which to get around in this version of the game, so as a quick tip you will want to grab the radio towers first and get yourself a tiny helicopter, too. This will help you get around a lot easier.

The main protagonist of the game is still Ajay Ghale. He is continuing to look for a great spot to spread his mother’s ashes. Her dying wish was for them to be spread somewhere in Kyrat, and as in the other Far Crys, Ajay becomes involved in the civil war and winds up being the successor to Pagan Min as the King of Kyrat. This Far Cry 4 Walk through will now cover the missions and side quests.

You will want to choose your Golden Path. You can decide on Sabal or Amita’s paths. Try both to see how they both end up for you. The quests are found at the Side Quests scattered on the map.

These include all the quests outlined above,

As you complete various missions be aware that one way to keep the protagonist strong in the game is by making sure he has all the gear he can get. A great way to do this is to hunt animals as soon as you get your tiny helicopter. This way, you can cloth him properly so he can comfortably complete the Shangri-La Missions, the Yogi Missions, the Longinus Missions and the Reggie Missions.