Kids dress like Batman for Halloween, wear pajamas emblazoned with his insignia, and carry lunchboxes illustrated with characters from his world. Everyone you know knows something about Batman, his friends and enermies, and they most likely have a memory or two surrounding the Caped Crusader in one form or another.

Today, kids love playing Batman games, especially online. There are many of these games available in a variety of styles. Some of the games seem very realistic, while others are more cartoonish. Some of them are based on the movie version of Batman, while some are based on the comic book version. Others still are based other characters from the franchise, such as The Joker or Cat Woman. In these games, players can put Batman into different scenarios and use different tools, such as the grappling hook, to move around the screen, catch the bad guys and save the day!

There are Batman games in other genres as well. Many of the games involve Batman driving different vehicles, and collecting points for different things like passing or collecting objects. In some of the games, you can modify his tools, and his vehicles, so that it is almost like Batman dress-up. There are also Batman skill games, shooting games, and strategy games available for players to enjoy. There are so many different games to enjoy that you are certain to find something that appeals to you when you are looking to have a little fun and waste a little time.

Another genre of Batman games that has really taken off is the Lego series. There are many Lego cartoons and video games based on popular characters such as Star Wars, Ninjago, Indiana Jones, and of course Batman. In this game, players can fight with various vehicles, on various arenas, such as in the air and on the water. While these games are very popular with children, many teens and adults also enjoy this series of games, and have found that it is a new way to enjoy Batman on a whole new level.

If you are a Batman fan, you have most likely enjoyed the movies and television shows. Now you may want to try something new and play one of the many Batman games that are available online. You can save Gotham City right from the comfort of your own home!