Bushnell Neo x Product Review

Bushnell Neo x is the latest and most fancy GPS watch for golfers today. Neo x is a useful and efficient gadget created by the Bushnell company.  It is user-friendly as anyone can learn how to use it in no more than 10 minutes. It is lightweight, comfortable to use and has buttons that play vital roles. Its built-in GPS also has added features that will be discussed later on this page. This product promises to give every golfer a more focused confidence play.

Bushnell Neo-x Product Review – About the Manufacturer

The Bushnell Company has been consistent in producing innovative products since 1955. It has been in the optics business from the very beginning. However, it was in 1995 that the company became a pioneer in the field of golf laser rangefinder. When the company ventured into producing innovative products including golf watch, they made distance a mere matter for golfers. From its humble beginnings, the company eventually came up with GPS products like neo x GPS watch, neo +, and the XGC+.

Bushnell Neo-x Product Review – Product Features

This feature is an addition to the Neo Golf Watch series. It lets users know the distance to hazards and lay-up points. While this feature can be considered simple, knowing necessary information such as how to avoid the risk is always a great help to many golfers.

Short Distance Calculators

Provide the user the accurate digits of the short distance in the course.

Neo-x is preloaded with more than 25,000 courses. Although it is compatible with MAC so downloading fro courses are possible; downloads would be unnecessary as it already is flooding with sessions.

Auto hole advance allows the user to make progress to the next hole automatically. There’s no need to stand on the next tee box to initiate the move.

Additional Features

All features presented below are what make Bushnell Neo x different from other Neo series.

This additional feature of neo x is pretty cool as it allows you set the time of your future tee as the timer would set the GPS seven minutes prior your first tee.

This feature allows users to program the duration of the time per round, with the GPS automatically deactivating according to the set time. If ever the round should be extended, neo-x has a ‘snooze’ feature that broadens the round for another 1.5 hours.

Another commendable feature of this neo-x is its longer battery life. The 15+ hours its features allow you to extend your playing time which is enough for three more round of golf.

Bushnell Neo product Review



  •     This addition to the Neo series is lighter and thinner it comfortable to wear because of the rubber casing and new wristband.
  •     It is aesthetical pleasing because of added holes that promote more airflow that can come in handy during hot and muggy weather.
  •     Bushnell Neo-x is user-friendly.
  •     There’s no need to hassle yourself with charging the watch from time to time because its battery life allows you to finish off more rounds that electricity.
  •     The convenience this watch provides is undeniably superior to any other golf watch. It has a ‘golf’ button that makes you ready to start around. With one press, the GPS would work its magic by looking for courses and allow you to select what you think is best.
  •     The iGolf library feature has preloaded hazards that you can avoid.




  •     At the first moment you use the watch, its GPS will take longer to lock in, so you better take note of that.
  •     At some point, the auto-hole advance may not switch automatically to the next hole. However, there is an arrow button that you can push so you’ll be led to the next hole.

Bushnell Neo x Conclusion

While some people may assume that using a watch like a neo x is quite bulky while golfing, most users would perhaps find it almost unnoticeable when already used. With its comfortable and light materials, you would probably not notice it unless it’s time that you use it. The added features of Bushnell Neo x plus its longer battery life are another reason to be compelled to buy this watch.