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Is Rocket League A Flop Game?

So, saying whether Rocket League is a flop game or not is debatable and to uncover the truth we will have to go down the rabbit hole of what is the meaning of a flopped game. Does it mean that the story of the game is horrible, or the mechanics are clunky, or does it mean the player base is decreasing or the attention it used to get is no longer there? Let’s get into the case: Is Rocket League a flop game? Or is it not aging well? Some people have argued that Rocket League is a flop game because of the game’s relatively small player base compared to other popular esports games, such as League of Legends and Dota 2 which have tons of tournaments and have hundreds of thousands of concurrent players. They also argue that the game’s competitive scene is dominated by a few top teams, which makes it difficult for new players to break in.

Rocket League’s early days:

As you all know Rocket League is an old game initially released in 2015 for PCs and consoles and the game saw quick success and got a cult-like player base in the first few months. The reason the game rose to quick success was because Rocket League was a fusion of two sports games Football and Racing and merging them was a unique approach considering the sports genre in video games is saturated. Needless to say, the first month after the release the concurrent players of the game were hovering around in the hundreds of thousands of players. Nonetheless the game also did have some flaws back then there was no rank mode.  The servers were not that good, also the Rocket League’s esports scene was nowhere to be found but things started to get better and better over time.

Rocket League’s Peak:

Explaining when Rocket League peaked can be difficult because of the metrics of peaks. Is having half a million concurrent viewers on Your Biggest tournament peaking or is it having the highest player count in the game or is it just profits that the company makes off of the game?

The peak days of Rocket League were in late 2020 and early 2021 because, in this time frame, the game went Free to play. This decision made the game more famous because it removed the hurdle of paying for casual gamers to try the game. The story is the same as every other paid game that went free to play. The player count saw A skew upwards posting well over 150 thousand on Steam. I know that the Steam Peak doesn’t look that good but remember the game is multi-platform while also being available on Epic and for that reason, the player base could be much higher than this. Other than that Rocket League’s esports scene also saw a huge attention spike because of the world situation at that time. Still, the game’s hype shows no signs of dying down.

The Downfall, Is It A Flop Game?

Rocket League’s downfall was not the typical one where one wrong move can cause the collapse but rather the fade-out interest from players and the community adding to the downfall because there also a lack of competition and opportunities for new organizations and players that want to enter the space of a competitive rocket league because the lack of structural talent hunt or hubs where players could showcase their skills.

Since I weigh three separate stages of the game and consider that Rocket League which is an 8-year game is still alive and kicking, Rocket League isn’t a flop game but rather showing its age. Rocket League still hosts major tournaments like RLCS which was played this August and was eventually won by Team Vitality Peak viewers of the tournament was around 468 thousand. The Steam player’s count peaked at around 41 thousand going by the numbers Rocket League still packs a punch and it is far from being or dead.

Rocket League Boosting:

Rocket League is a fusion of two sports games that is quite unique in its own way and if you have tried it out then you’ll know that it is much more complex than it looks. The default controls are not that great at first time and because it is a fusion it will be difficult to get a grasp on it. A great way to avoid this hassle and be on the upper-rank ladder is to buy rocket league boosting. This way you can get a much higher rank than your current one and you can also jump in with the booster to see how he plays the game and learn from him firsthand.

Why Use an Apex Legends Boosting Service?

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play, online multiplayer, first-person shooter battle royale game where players select their characters, called Legends in-game, to fight together as teams of two or three. Each Legend has distinctive abilities that define their playstyle and how they synergize with other characters, opening up a diverse range of tactical gameplay based on which Legends you’re playing with and against.

Apex currently has 20 Legends to choose from, so with all of their unique abilities and weapons, every game is sure to be a different experience, whether you’re playing solo or with a team of friends.

About Apex Legends Boosting Services

With so much variation, it can be difficult to anticipate how to play to win consistently; Apex Legends boosting is a huge help when it comes to achieving your in-game goals.

Apex players can select from numerous boosts designed to help you progress through a number of the game’s systems. There are boosts for improving your ranking, unlocking badges, and raising your K/D (kill/death ratio), level, and number of wins. 

Services endeavor to safeguard reputation and valued customer base as a top Apex Legends boosting service provider by consistently satisfying all of client’s expectations.

So, whether you’re looking to rank up all the way to Apex Predator or to unlock the 20 kills badge, we’ve got you covered. Apex Legends boosting service is the answer.

Apex Legends Boost Benefits

Get Boosted Fast

After checkout, boost purchases begin processing in as little as 15 – 30 minutes, so you don’t need to waste any time waiting.

Play With Competitive Teams

Tired of being put into losing teams? With Apex Rank boost, you’ll quickly be able to move into the higher tiers of the Ranked Leagues, where you’ll be able to play alongside more skilled players in even more intense games.

More Kills

In Apex Legends, your K/D ratio is one of the first things other players look at. With a high K/D, other skilled players will be more likely to team up with you for Ranked League matches, and everyone else will know that you mean business.

Unlock Rare Badges

From Rapid Elimination to Triple Triple, none of Apex Legends’ difficult and rare badges is out of your reach with one of the boosts. Once unlocked, badges can be displayed on your banner during and before games.

Guaranteed Wins

No one likes taking an L. With Apex boosts, you won’t have to. When you play with boosters, you can feel confident that you’re on a winning team match after match, as you destroy the opposition.

Full Anonymity

When boosters log in to boost your account, they do so with a single-minded focus on accomplishing the objectives you specify. Whatever service and boosting method you choose, your boosters will never compromise the security of your account; they will never respond to messages or invitations while they process your order.

VPN Protection

Services are committed to protecting the security of your account while purchasing any of Apex Legends services.

All boosters use VPNs to mask their locations and mimic clients’ country’s IP addresses, safeguarding the boosting process and clients’ accounts from any potential bans and limitations.

Money-Back Guarantee

Whatever happens, your orders will be fulfilled! If this is not the case, you will get a full refund. Any order that hasn’t begun working on yet is eligible for a complete refund. Those that have already started may be eligible for a partial refund, depending on the accomplished progress.


In this guide on Apex Legends, we present you with an unprecedented list of 10 tips, more useful from each other, in order to become the best possible, and so win your games.


In Apex Legends, it is possible to climb walls as you would with obstacles placed in your path. For that, nothing very complicated, you just have to run in the direction of the vertical surface of your choice than to hold the jump key in order to climb it.


In parallel to the first point, you can stay a moment against the wall, without crossing it, in order to take the time to observe the surroundings before committing yourself. This will allow you to remain discreet, but also to take your bearings instead of rushing headlong without the slightest information.


When you run, do not hesitate to use the sliding mechanics offered by the game in order to move more quickly, especially when you are on a descent! Your movement speed will be at its maximum in these moments, and you will gain a few precious seconds. In addition, the slide is infinite duration, until proven otherwise.


Also, when you slide on a surface and then jump, the distance between the start points and the endpoint is increased. If you jump from one point to another without slipping, you are likely to fail to reach the second. Take advantage of the speed offered by your slides in order to jump further.


Another point to know, which will surely be able to help you out in the event of a crisis, it is possible to use consumables when you move, including when you slip. This will give you a good opportunity to heal yourself and/or use a shield cell while the area catches up with you.


You can combine the previous points in order to efficiently link your actions. To gain momentum by sliding on a slope and then jump on a wall below and thus crosses it. If you manage to master this optimally, your movements will be very fluid.


When you deploy at the start of the game, you can dive vertically towards the ground in order to reach your maximum speed (see the gauge slider on the left of the screen at this time), then stand up more or less horizontally, like a dolphin, to reach more distant areas, or simply to reach them more quickly. Basically, you can walk roughly 850 meters. The said method should therefore allow you to exceed 1000 meters of distance traveled.


Balloons are accessible everywhere on the island and can be used in the same way as ziplines, but vertically. These allow players to redeploy, once they get to the top, so they can move faster from one location to another.


Like when you move on dry land, remember to put your weapons away when using a balloon! This will allow you to reach its end more quickly.


How does Apex Legends boosting work? There are many ways to boost Apex Legends. The most basic is straight-up paying someone to access your account and play ranked for you. Boosters are skilled players who rank up a player’s account for a fee. This has been happening for many reasons, but an increase in the number of boosters and several people building entire companies out of the premises has alerted the Respawn team.

Basketball Games for Mobile Devices

Basketball Shoot

Basketball Shoot is a simple yet very enjoyable game, which is based on realistic physics and allows you to play and feel like a real basketball player. This game has very easy controls and you can throw the ball into the basket only by touching the screen, dragging the dotted line to change the power and angle and release your finger off the screen to shoot. This game provides real fun moments and is great whether you’re a fan of basketball or not. It is suitable for everyone at every age and of every gender, so you should really give it a try!

BIG WIN Basketball

This game is perfect if you’re looking for something addictive and sporty to play. In BIG WIN Basketball you get to create your own unique dream team, compete against other players from all over the world, watch your team battle on the court, boost your players’ shooting and passing and generally just manage a fantastic basketball team. This game also has a “friends mode” in which you can connect to Facebook and challenge your friends by inviting them to play basketball with you. But, you don’t have to invite anyone if you wish to play by yourself – single player mode is very cool as well and you can play it anytime and anywhere, from every mobile device!

Real Basketball

This realistic game is packed with goods – 3D realistic graphics, 6 different game modes, interactive experiences and much more! In Real Basketball you can choose to play online with people from all across the world or play live games against your friends. You will work on your skills and play your way to the top, trying to prove to the world you’ve got everything it takes to become the biggest star around.

Online Car Games

Some of these games are free to play, which makes them the favorite of many users. Another favorable point is that they are available online. So you don’t need to download them, meaning that you are eliminating the chances of getting your computer infected with any virus. If you desire, you may chat with other online players to minimize your boredom. To your relief, there is a great variety of online car games to choose from. You can find adventure, truck, parking, tuning, sports, racing and almost any kind of car game you could imagine.

The best feature of these games is that you can choose any car and its model. Perhaps, you have been longing for a shining Lamborghini in red color. Now you can drive it! It doesn’t take a minute to change the color of your loved car to your favorite color. Moreover, you can add all the accessories of your choice. You also have the option of choosing a powerful 4X4, if your sense of adventure is to drive on some of the roughest terrains. And, that’s not the end of your options, because you can use nitrogen for getting maximum speed.

Another very interesting aspect of virtual car games is that the vehicles can be maneuvered in whatever way you like, manner that might not be fit or safe in the real life. When you are playing virtual car games, you don’t need to fear that your car will turn turtle, hit against a tree, fly off a bridge or get hit by a massive truck, as you are aware that, at the end of the game, you can recreate your car by pressing a few buttons. And by the way, you don’t need to buy any insurance cover for getting your car repaired.

And what about the characters? Surely you have noticed how cute and sexy the girls in these games are! Also, all the males look so perfect. Playing such a game offers you the opportunity to choose any character you want, and to enhance your social status, making you feel very good. For example, many of us dream to look like a famous actor, don’t we?

Other than the fun these games offer, they are also good for keeping your mind and health in good shape. It has been realized that the thrill associated with these games increases your blood pressure. You also learn how to make quick decisions in difficult situations and you develop fast reflexes. So it would be wrong to consider these games simply a way of losing time and getting some thrills.

Dangers of Game Addiction


An obvious fallout of game addiction is stress. Stress develops when the person gets so involved in the game that there is an inbuilt pressure on him or her to achieve goals and cross stages and levels of the game. It slowly converts the game from a source of entertainment and fun to a catalyst of stress buildup. Also, when a person realizes that his life is in a pitiable state because of excessive gaming, he or she develops more stress out of the fear of not being able to get back to normal.

Lack Of Sleep

A major portion of a person’s time is taken up by work and it has been found that many people sacrifice their precious time to play an extra game or two instead of sleeping to rest the body. Long term game addiction leads to a sleeping disorder called Insomnia that takes a huge toll on a person’s health.

Disregard For Personal Hygiene

Excess gaming leads to seclusion of the gamer from the outside world which eventually leads to little or no interaction with people. When the person realizes that there is nobody who may notice his lack of grooming, he feels less compelled to take care of his personal hygiene.

Seclusion And Isolation

Gaming addiction can lead to people developing a tendency of seclusion and isolation. They start isolating themselves from family and friends. The fact that they start ignoring their personal hygiene is just the beginning of his or her displacement from the social scene. Gaming starts taking precedence over other important chores such as interaction with friends and as this addiction intensifies, the subject may start becoming more and more stubborn and rude. All that a gaming addict wants to spend time on is games.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome And Arthritis

Excess gaming can lead to these two physical disorders. Studies have revealed that years of excessive gaming can lead to serious issues with the person’s thumb as this area is most exercised in gaming and is prone to osteoarthritis too. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is a condition in which there exists an excessive pressure on a nerve in the wrist which is responsible for allowing certain hand movements. This syndrome is likely to surface in game addicts since they make a lot of repetitive hand and wrist movements while playing games.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

With excess gaming, one becomes oblivious to dietary routine because he or she is too busy thinking about what is next in the game for them. Most game addicts choose fast food and sugary sodas to accompany their gaming sessions which further leads to deterioration of health. They also prefer frozen food that does not take much time to cook and thus does not hinder their gaming spree. Such eating habits are a major cause of diabetes and obesity in adults.


It might be rare to know a gaming addict who realizes that he is slowly slipping into depression. Depression slowly makes its way to the addict’s brain as he or she gets more and more addicted to the game. The only time they realize that they are in a state of depression is when they pause for a moment to realize that they have made a mess of their lives by excess gaming and neglecting other necessities of life. What makes the matters worse is that the only recourse they find to get out of this depression is more gaming and this drags them deeper into the trouble creating a vicious cycle that declines to break until the person resolves to take back the control of his or her life.

Make Money On FIFA

Mass biding

Here you need to choose a famous player and find the price that he is going for. After doing this you should take away the EA’s tax which is usually 5% the price of the player. This means that if a player is going for 5000 coins you need to deduct a 5% tax in order to get the exact price of the player.

You should then decide the amount that you would like to make as profit. For example, if you have found a player going for 4800 coins after deducting the EA tax, you can bid 4500 on the player and later sell him for 5200 thus making a profit of 700 coins.

To increase your chances of making money you should bid on the player many times. For example, you can bid on 60 cards. If you are out bidden on 75% of the cards, you will still have 15 cards to make money on and as a result you will be able to make 8400 (12 x 700) coins.

Repeating this process every hour will make you a lot of money that will be of great help to you.

59th method

Here you need to find your favorite team and go to the 59th minute. When you get to this page, you should bid and keep on refreshing the page and you will most definitely make some money. The prices of players at this minute change rapidly; therefore, you will easily buy and sell the players.

You should note that while this method works effectively, it takes plenty of time to make a good amount of money.

Buy coins

While many members of the FIFA community frown at this idea, it’s very great. This is because you don’t have to go through the hustle of playing tedious matches to gain a few coins; you only need to contact your favorite store and you will have coins in your account within a very short time.

Coin selling sites have brilliant rates; therefore, you won’t spend a lot of money for you to get the coins that you need. For example, by spending $10 you will get 100,000 which will take you a long way.

Goodgame Empire

You had just left your castle for some time and on coming back, you are taken aback by the news that a cruel robber baron named Wolfgard the Flayer has attacked your family’s castle and now occupies it. The cruel invader has chased away all servants, and is holding your sister captive. In fact, there is no more news about your sister thereafter.

You move to the castle to see things for yourself and on getting there, you are ridiculously greeted by the new ruler of the castle. If there is anything going on in your mind during the moment, it would be anger and revenge. However, just as any wise and experienced leader would do, you choose to back off from there for some time. This retreat from the castle probably confuses Wolfgard who thinks that you have lost hope or you fear death. You know that this could either make him complacent or drop guard. That is exactly what happens. You then attack with perfect planning to take control over your castle but the evil one is not done yet. He manages to escape while taking your sister hostage.

Another worrying factor is that this evil fellow has many powerful friends and that would make it even more difficult to track him down and punish him for what he has done. Now is the real time to show that you have the best strategy making abilities and the inherent leadership qualities. Start building your empire from the scratch and get into action.

You will need to keep expanding your empire and being bonded with allies in order to fight against the other empires that will not be easy to beat by any stretch of imagination. Strategize every move like a truly able leader. Here in this fabulous online multiplayer game, you will be up against other real players from around the globe. Given the high quality and the absorbing gaming experience that this game has to offer, I suggest that you must play this game.

Gold Miner Game

The major challenge by far in the gold miner game is the clock. When you play, you are issued a certain monetary goal for each level. You achieve the goal by grabbing chunks of gold and other items from the virtual mine underneath you. You have to reach the goal before the clock runs out and that can be more difficult than it sounds. If you grab the smallest chunks of gold, they will come to the top quickly giving you more time to collect more pieces. If you grab the larger nuggets, they are worth a lot more money, but take a long time to drag to the top. When you are racing against the clock, you will have to decide if you have time to go for the large chunks or only the smaller ones, and also if you will have enough money for your target.

Another challenge in the gold miner game is the number of rocks surrounding the gold chunks. When you drop your crane into the ground to grab chunks of gold, you have to be careful not to grab a rock instead, a good level of precision would help you a great deal here. Rocks are worth only a small amount of money, and take a long time to crank up to the surface because they are heavy. You can waste a lot of your precious time by missing the gold and grabbing rocks instead.

The next challenge is the gopher. These pesky little critters run around in the mine, and scurry back and forth. When you drop your tool to pick up gold, you can very easily grab a gopher instead. When you are playing the gold miner game, time is of the essence and you can waste plenty of it on these varmints. There are times when collecting a gopher is good news because on some levels there are gophers with diamonds in their mouths, and these are worth a significant amount of money. For the regular gophers however, they are simply pesky obstacles.

Finally, there are the powder kegs. At the game’s higher levels, many of the treasures are placed precariously close to the powder kegs. If you accidentally hit a powder keg instead of grabbing your target item, everything around it will blow up, and you will be unable to reach your financial goal if there are not enough gold chunks and diamonds left in the mine.

World Of Warcraft For Newbies

Your first step is certainly to buy the game which come in 4 discs. You can either buy at your local store or online from Amazon or eBay. Next, download the game into your PC. This should be very easy as there will be an instruction booklet teaching you how. Once you downloaded the game, you need to set up your own personal gaming account.

To do so, you need to be online so that you can register at the official World Of Warcraft site.Registration fee is about US$19.95 per month which you can cancel anytime without obligation.

However it is normally free for the first month since they are offering it as a trial period. Should you decide to continue the membership, you have a choice of paying monthly, for 3 to even 6 months or a year. This is a win win situation for all players regardless of their budget constraints.

World of Warcraft functions through a series of servers. In World of Warcraft, we termed these servers as Realms which are plenty throughout World Of Warcraft games.

You probably, why do the games require so many realms?

The reason is to enable players from all over the world to get connected to the nearest realms. This helps to make the game more reliable, faster and more enjoyable to play.This is another reason why World Of Warcraft is so popular throughout the world

Azeroth is the name of the planet where World of Warcraft events occurred. Azeroth is identical and unique just like our planet Earth with its own cultures, history and legends. It is also believed that Azeroth is created way before our planet Earth.

It is an interesting place to explore and have adventures due to its abundant caverns, cities, dungeons, forests, mountains, oceans and rivers.Just like us, its inhabitants have gone through much different experiences, obstacles and pain before finally enjoying success. Much of which comes from conflicts, misunderstandings and battles.

Unlike Earth which has 6 continents in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania, Azeroth has just 3 which are Eastern Kingdom, Kalimdor and Northrend. The inhabitants of the three continents are not entirely humans.

The Eastern Kingdom is occupied by humans, gnomes and dwarfs who united and called themselves The Alliance. Kalimdor is where the orcs, taurens and trolls ruled and proclaimed themselves to be The Horde. Northrend is governed by the evil and wicked Lich King with his own army and minions. Besides individual races, they also have their own unique climate.

Blizzard Entertainment has truly developed Azeroth into a gigantic world. Its numerous arenas, choices and items has certainly made the game livelier and more engaging since you never run out of options.

Even though you still need to explore Azeroth from the start,you will get used to it as you progress through the game. But before that, you have the option either to play as the Alliance or the Horde.

The Alliance is quick, sharp but lacks physical strength. On the contrary, the Horde possesses great strength but lacks intelligence.So on the whole, they have their strengths and weaknesses. You still have to use your own wits in playing them to deliver results.

However, you are able to customize and modify your own unique character. You have the option to change the clothing, armor, weapons and other accessories. In fact, there are 9 different categories for you to select from. Ranging from hunter, mage, rogue, shaman to warrior. You can also mix and match to form your own combinations.

Besides exploring Azeroth and playing different characters, you get to collect gold as the world’s main currency. The more you collect, the more items, powerful weapons and your current weapon upgrades you get to purchase.

Compared to other games, the controls are much easier to navigate and operate upon.You can use keyboard and mouse or remote controller just like how you used for PS3 and Xbox.

Having said those, this is what you need to know about World Of Warcraft if you are starting out as a beginner.