This game just oozes creativity. The environment is beautiful. The story is breathtaking. The game just does such a good job of drawing you in that you cannot help but keep coming back for more as you work your way through the campaign. Some of my personal favorite things that I think helped make the game as great as it is, is the game mechanics. Dishonored has these interesting supernatural powers that let you do some really cool things as you play. The semi-open world concept is also awesome. You are able to choose your own path throughout missions and simply wander around in the world that they created for you. The best thing however that was already mentioned above is the story. The story is wonderful and creative, allowing you to become part of this magnificent world they have created for you.


The only real negative I was able to gather from this game is that the controls were sometimes fidgety. As in when you would try to do one thing and it would do it to an extreme point. This is not a big deal however and does not ruin the draw or game play of the game itself.

I have recently been able to go into my backlog and finish up a game I have waited to get to for a long time, Dishonored. In this game you follow Corvo, the Lord Protector turned murderer. Throughout the game you will find yourself trying to save the empire as you try to clear your name of any wrongdoing. Be aware though, as you play through this game you will also have to deal with the plague that has struck the city. Choose to either play this game in a stealth way, go crazy attacking everyone, or some combination of each as you decide your path.