Dragon Age Inquisition places us in the middle of a battle between the mages and the Templars in which there’s no clear winner. However, in the beginning of the game a large explosion takes place and opens a rift that spawns demons, and this changes the course of things immensely. We play the role of an inquisitor that tries to destroy the rift and all the smaller ones that appear throughout the land, in an effort to bring peace once again to the wonderful world of Thedas. Of course, there are lots of twists and turns as you progress but overall Dragon Age Inquisition manages to provide you with a wonderful story that will keep you glued to the screen.


Unlike Dragon Age 2, Inquisition allows us to explore a massive game world that does have a lot of inspiration from the previous game, but which also manages to bring a plethora of new stuff as well. First of all, we have the dragons which are much more detailed and harder to defeat, in fact they are so large that you will need to attack different parts of the body, each one with its own health bar. Battling a dragon is one of the hardest, yet the most rewarding things you can do in Dragon Age Inquisition, and this truly tests your skill like never before.

But this isn’t all you do in Dragon Age Inquisition. You get to explore the Hinterlands as well as numerous other regions of Thedas, and these are filled with quests. Thankfully, the quests are varied and they allow you to go through the region in a natural way, something that helps the overall experience a lot.

We found character creation to be very interesting as well, in fact you can choose from 4 different races, each one with its ups and downs that can be felt as you play. However, what makes Dragon Age Inquisition really worth it is the combat. Although the previous game didn’t have the tactical cam, now this has made a triumphant return and as such you have the opportunity to use it whenever you see fit, although you can disable it too.

Combat is refreshing and quite strategic, especially when you battle the bosses, because you need to carefully plan the next move if you want to succeed. This is a very important thing, because without planning it would be impossible to defeat the enemies with large health bars such as bosses or dragons for example.

If you explore the land you can create camps where you can upgrade your items, craft new ones and so on. Camps also allow you to travel faster, so by creating camps you will have an even better opportunity to survive in the harsh environment. Camps are also great for creating military attacks, espionage or commerce.

On top of that, if you want, you can import saves from the previous game, and this will impact the story. Although it isn’t necessary, this is definitely a thing that is most welcome in this regard, especially if you are a fan of the series.

You get 8 companions during the game and even though you can use 3 at a time, each one of them has an interesting story and they are so nicely done that you will find yourself switching between them often just to find out more about them and their story. However, adding different types of characters in your party is essential, because you want their abilities to compliment yours if you want to get the best results!

Graphics and sounds

Dragon Age Inquisition is one of the best looking RPGs to date. The massive game world is nicely portrayed and it simply shines, not to mention that the character design is also stellar and even the animations work great. Everything blends seamlessly in order to provide a one of a kind place to explore. Also, we need to mention the fact that you can now, once more, see the blood remaining on the character clothing, which is a trademark of the Dragon Age series.

When it comes to sounds, there’s not that much to say other than the fact that the soundtrack is filled with epic music that always keeps you pumped with adrenalin. Also, the voice acting is amazing, with each character being portrayed in a natural way!


Dragon Age Inquisition manages to combine all the best RPG ideas and features into a single game, and thus it offers us one of the best RPG experiences that we played in years. With a massive game world, lots of quests as well as impressive character customization and companions you can relate to, Dragon Age Inquisition is a game in which you can easily pour in hundreds of hours and never regret even a single second!