First, let’s start with Tycoon, Dynasty’s WoW gold guide addon. Of every addon in the suite, I have to say that this is my personal favorite. It has opened up so many opportunities for me in respect to earning more WoW gold. This addon works closely with an auction house addon called Auctionator (I believe Auctioneer can also be used). After a few scans of the auction house through Auctionator, you can begin to see numbers averaging out. You can then open Tycoon and use one of the several choices of money making schemes. If you have gathering skills such as mining, you can go to the gathering tab and Tycoon will tell you what you can gather for the highest profit, based on your auction house scanning information. If you have crafting skills, you can also use the crafting skill to see what puts out the highest profit. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have any trade skills, though. You can also go to the farming tab, and it will show you items that you can obtain by killing certain mobs in certain zones, and which put out the most profit. The best thing about this addon, in my opinion, is that when you select what item you would like to gather/farm, Tycoon places a gathering “zone” or route in the zone where you can find the item. If mining, it will place a route to follow in the zone that takes you passed most mining nodes in that zone, if not all.


Let’s move on now to the next addon. Ranked second in my opinion, is Booster. This addon has a very helpful WoW levelling guide that shows you what quests to take and exactly where to go to complete them. This addon makes levelling much quicker, as it always takes the shortest path through the levelling process. It will show you which quests to complete and in which order. One neat feature about this addon is that it has separate guides for both alliance and horde levelling, and covers just about any zone within the game. The guide even shows what level ranges are recommended for each zone, so that you can pick the zone that is most closely linked to your current level. This addon also has an arrow that you can move anywhere within your UI that will point directly to your next objective and tells you how far away it is from you. I have found this to be very helpful in levelling my alts.


Although I personally do not put much use into the next addon, I can see how it could be very helpful for newer players, or even veterans who just want to find alternatives or even better ways to specialize their characters. This addon, known as Edge, is a guide on how you may set up your character based on what you would like to do. If you feel as though you want to compete in some PvP battlegrounds or arenas, Edge will tell you the pros and cons of each specialization in regards to PvP utility. This also applies to PvE, if you are not into the PvP aspects of the game. This guide includes all classes and specializations, and if you find a setup that you might want to try, you can set Edge to auto-spec your character’s talents. This guide also suggests what glyphs to use for your specific class and spec.


Last, but absolutely not least, is the Impulse addon. This one has some potentially neat features. You can use this addon to set up certain keybinds, for example you can easily set it so that shift and alt can control your extra toolbars. For example, you can set shift + 1 to control the first slot on your 2nd or 3rd toolbar, and so on. This addon lets you set up a whole toolbar with just one click, rather than going into settings and changing each individually. Aside from this, there is my favorite feature of this addon. It includes a tab on which you can find several useful macros for your class, and these macros can be programmed into your character’s macro list with just the click of a button, making your gameplay so much easier. I have found use in several of the macros listed for every one of my classes.