Tennis Champions

Lacking an outstanding, highly realistic graphics, this game compensates through its catchy game-play. It’s fun, it has some super intuitive controls and, without unnecessary details added to, it preserves that simple beauty of a tennis match. There’s no specific story-line, but you can feel free and come up with your own: you’re a beginner, as a tennis player, who’s competing against one of the most worldwide known players of the moment, in one of the major tennis tournaments and this is your chance to climb up the hierarchy, to show off your talent to thousands of people in the audience and to another few thousands watching the game in front of their TVs! Click your left mouse button for launching the ball in the air, then give it another click for hitting it and serving it to our opponent, then feel free to move your mouse as needed for controlling your player and helping him move along his half of the court, making it possible for him to volley back the ball. Strive to anticipate where the ball’s going to fall so that you can strategically position your tennis player for “welcoming” it and sending it back over the net, scoring points after points.

Grand Slam Tennis

I can’t really tell why I’m so addicted to this game and why I prefer to many maybe far more complex tennis games: I simply love it! As the title itself reveals it, you’re competing against some of the world’s most famous tennis champs in a grand slam tournament! Unlike the previous game, this one is slightly trickier, for you need more skills for coming up with the perfect combination of arrow keys, while your reaction times are challenged to the max, as well, for moving your player back and forth, left and right, within its half side of the field (it’s a little bit more difficult to do that when the game controls imply the usage of the arrow keys instead of the mouse only). For serving and returning the ball, it’s on the space-bar that you’ll need to rely on. The key to success is to keep in mind to guide your player forward, closer to the net, when needed, thus increasing his chances of sending the ball back to his opponent.

Tennis Master

Don’t let its manga characters trick you into thinking that this is nothing but a silly, not worthy to be taken too seriously, type of game! No sir, once you’ve read about its game controls (which are identical to the ones in the previous game), once you’ve hit the ball and sent it over the net the first time, you’ll instantly get totally absorbed by the match, so focused on your efforts of anticipating the other player’s next moves, of calculating exactly where the ball is going to fall and on hitting the right arrow keys for strategically placing your little manga player in order to hit back the ball. The eye-catching, manga-like graphics comes just as some sort of a bonus added to the addictive game-play!