Whether you’re new to gaming or have just started playing video games, it can be overwhelming to even think about all the different games. Various video game genres may help you figure out what you like best. There is also a plethora of platforms and software that can also make your gaming experience the best possible. For example, WHOkeys is a professional gaming platform essential for video games. In addition, this company supplies game codes and keys for various gaming products and other services. So whether you like action and adventure, sports, strategy, or even horror video games, there are so many video games in each genre for you to choose from.

All about action

Action video games are the most popular genre of video games. This is because they are usually the easiest to start playing and get into. These are video games where the player is right at the center of all the action, and most of the challenges are physical ones that the player must overcome to win or advance further. There are further subgenres of action video games, including platformer, shooter, fighting, combat, stealth, survival, and rhythm. As you can tell, these video games are any that include movement and range from Super Mario Bros. to Call of Duty, all the way to Dance Dance Revolution. So, if you enjoy being in the middle of all the chaos and action, this is the genre for you!

All about adventure

Adventure games are defined not by the story or content of the video game but by the style of the play. These are the kinds of video games where the players follow clues to solve puzzles while interacting with their environment and other characters to advance the story. This gaming genre is not the most popular among many mainstream gamers as it has few elements of traditional video games. Subgenres of adventure video games are text adventures, graphic adventures, visual novels, and interactive movies. There is also an action-adventure genre of video games if you like to combine these two for something a little bit different!

So, you like strategy?

Strategy video games tend to be for those players looking for a bit more mental stimulation than other video games. These games require players to use tactics and strategy to advance in challenges. 4X, artillery, real-time strategy (RTS), real-time tactics (RTT), tower defense, wargame, and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) are all examples of subgenres in the category of strategy video games. In addition, these video games include Civilization, StarCraft, Real War, and Fire Emblem. This genre of video games is perfect for anyone skilled at developing strategies to advance to the next round.

So, you like sports?

For all sports enthusiasts, there are more than enough sports video games for you. Video games simulate football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and golf. Often, these video games work because your opponent is not another player but is computer-controlled. However, some sports video games do have the option for live competition. Subgenres in this category include racing, team sports, competitive sports, and sports-based fighting games. These video games include FIFA, Forza, Team Fortress, and Fight Night. So, there are plenty of sports video games out there. Some people might even consider video gaming to be a sport!