It is said to be roguelike but doesn’t roguelike mean turn-based? Hero Siege is not turn-based, quite the opposite, it is a fast-paced game. There are some simple RPG elements; you level up when you earn enough experience killing monsters, you gain talent/ability points and spend them however you like when you level up, you can carry an item and you can buy something from hidden shops. It is just the way I like in such a game. I would define Hero Siege as hack and slash.

You choose your class among these; Viking, pyromancer, pirate, redneck, marksman, nomad, samurai and necromancer. Each class has his/her own unique set of skills. And I can say that each class’s skill set reflects the class very well, you really feel you are playing that very class you picked. It doesn’t matter which class you choose, you need to play with only 1 or 2 active skills for a long time until you level up your character a bit. You may find this boring, but I am OK with this as I like passive skills as well. I find it exciting when a passive skill procs! I took a look at all classes and I can say that classes are quite balanced both in terms of killing and surviving. Some rely on his/her nuke while others rely on his/her speed.

Among all these classes, I liked the pirate most. She is fragile, but her skills hurt a lot! Her nuke is AOE (area of effect) and very strong. This way you can clean hordes of monsters quickly. Marksman is also very fast at killing monsters with his turret and heavy crits.

Unfortunately, I don’t intend to give detailed information about classes, but I have a very good reason for this; I don’t want to fill your head with unnecessary words and sentences. Many of those who want to know more about classes would prefer watching a video instead of reading paragraphs. My only aim is to give you a general idea about the game with a short article worth reading.

Hero Siege may seem like a farming-oriented game, but this is the core of such a game, isn’t this? You just hit and kill, use skills and follow their cooldowns, try to survive evading obstacles. This is pretty fun and I can’t complain Hero Siege’s being grindy like this.

You won’t miss that there are Diablo elements in the game. Some monsters are elites with a skill and a bigger health pool. That is not all, some elites and bosses use skills we are familiar with!

The only problem I experienced is that, although I defeated all of the waves until the 15th wave, I still couldn’t unlock the second map. I am not sure if this is as intended or a bug but I am sure about one thing; I am stuck on the first map!