The online games that are based on this annihilator are very easy to follow, though some background knowledge of the comic books could help. Individuals who understand the comic will also understand the Hulk’s powers as well as his super-human strength. Most of the online games require the gamer to use Hulk’s incredible strength to defeat the enemy.

The Hulk may face a lot of enemies in the online games. He may have to fight humans such as the Devastator. He may also be required to fight monsters such as Glob. In other games, he is required to fight an evolved being known as the Inheritor. Most of the games try to follow the plot of the comic books. They also try to ensure that the history and the characters are the same as those in the comic books.

There are also other internet games that require Hulk to be a team player and to work with other superheroes to save the world. This can sometimes be difficult for Hulk, but that is the challenge of the game. The player has to get Hulk to do his part in order to solve the problem that the world is facing at that particular time.

Furthermore, there are other games that test the player’s knowledge of the comic book. This character has been around since 1962, and Marvel Comics have provided sufficient backstory about him. True Hulk fanatics should know the various details about his life. The trivia games will ask these questions and the player will only win and proceed to the next level if they get a majority of the questions right.

The Incredible Hulk keeps getting stronger, and he seems resistant to most things that could hurt mere mortals physically. Therefore, the player who knows his way around the game will be able to win easily with this character. However, there are still a lot of challenging games that require the player to keep up their strength and their rage until they win the game, otherwise they will transform back into the ‘puny’ Bruce Banner. Audiences truly love these internet games, and they are a guaranteed favourite among both the young and the old.