• First I found a good seed with a small island to start my map on.
  • I built a simple home and added many details to the map. All good adventure maps are complicated enough to have replay value. After adding everything I could think of, (roller coaster, tree house, pool, volley ball court, jukeboxs, lamps, farm, sheep pen, etc… ) I added more! There can never be too much.
  • After decorating and building on the island, I hid clues all around the place. I made the clues hidden in away where they were easy to access, but hard to discover.
  • After hiding the clues, I built a large wooden boat with a mast, below decks and everything. The boat could only be boarded once all the clues had been found. It is often a good idea to add a boat to an adventure map because they can offer a mode of transport.
  • After building the boat, I used an exterior editing program, mc-edit, to replicate the boat on the shores of another far away island. Using command blocks, I allow players to teleport between the boats. This gives the illusion of travel.
  • Once I got this far I went back to the start of the map and began perfecting it. I spell checked my signs and books, played through the map, re-hid some clues. fixed red-stone bugs, and decorated both ships.
  • After checking over the map, I began to build the next section on the far island. I won’t give away the story, but I will tell you I used a lot of mc-edit. In the section I also included parkour. Never ever include parkour you can’t make your-self!
  • I then created a third section of the map. The finale should be the longest hardest and most exciting part of the map.

Thanks for reading! I will update you guys soon on my progress.

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