Rayman Legends is considered a pure platformer, meaning that there is little to no focus on exploration, puzzle solving, or real combat of any kind. There are bad guys, and although he has no arms or legs, luckily Rayman has hands and feet he can use to punch, kick and jump on opponents to take them out. That’s not where the focus is however, as baddies are relatively sparse and usually go down with one hit. The real challenge in the game is almost entirely derived from navigating the levels themselves and finding all the collectables within. As in Rayman Origins, your primary objective is to save Teensies, little blue-skinned, beady-eyed creatures. There are ten per level, and you’ll need to grab as many as possible on your way through to open successive levels and progress through the game. There are also Lums, flying luminescent balls with hands and faces that are used as a kind of currency in the game, unlocking other playable heroes. Collect enough Lums in a level and you’ll win a lucky ticket that you can scratch off to win more Lums, collectable creatures to display in your gallery, or even bonus levels based on areas from Rayman Origins.

As in Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends makes use of the Ubi Art Framework engine, a unique engine that allows the development team to easily construct and animate what are essentially freehand created assets in the game, lending the whole affair a gorgeously rendered, hand-drawn look. This, along with the brightly colored and detailed backgrounds and environments, breathes true life into the 2D perspective game world Rayman and his myriad of sidekicks and fellow heroes find themselves in. A lengthy roster of said sidekicks is available, and are all playable once unlocked in either single player, or in the up-to-4 player cooperative multiplayer mode. Multiplayer is strictly offline, but will let you and your friends run and jump your way through dastardly traps, and punch and kick your way past huge bosses together. Aside from the regular levels, you can also try your hand at a top score on several challenge maps, including a new daily challenge every 24 hours if your console is hooked up to the interwebs. Suffice it to say, there is plenty here to keep completionists coming back for more.