Controlling a little black bodied/white faced creature, you are tasked with helping the denizens of the forest. Known as the Black Swordsman, players have their work cut out for them in Reaper. Understanding the limitations of the majority of mobile devices, Hexage have taken measures to insure gamers have fun.

For one, attacks are automatically performed when close to an enemy. Gamers that prefer the manual method can still hammer the attack button and take out enemies. Collecting gold is, just like any other RPG, a key component to advancing in Reaper. Don’t save, you cannot buy.

Playing RPG’s over the years has honed skills in attack, retreat, heal, repeat. That skill is one that has helped me complete some of the harder levels of Reaper with minimal hit point loss. The ability to jump and attack from the air is key to succeeding in this game. There are pits that you will cause death if fallen into and there are flying enemies that complicate your efforts to complete the level.

The overhead map is helpful in keeping your bearings as to where you are in the game world, much like the world map of Zelda II: The Adventures of Link or Super Mario Bros 3 on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Reaper for Windows Phone 8 is smooth and detailed. Developers have an understanding of the hardware their games will play on so they can optimize accordingly. For the RPG player that owns a Windows Phone, Reaper won’t disappoint. Recommending other titles similar to Reaper is nearly impossible since there are not that many titles in this style.

Windows Phone owners are usually left out in the cold on releases like this. That makes Reaper that much more interesting as it is available on Windows Phone 8, Android and the iOS platform right now.