Tower Defense is the first subcategory we brought up, so let’s start with it here as well. As the name denotes, the player uses towers to defend something. That something can be a base of operations, a group of defenseless civilians, or a priceless relic. Depending on the game, it could really be anything that fits that specific scenario. The way these are set up, the player makes decisions on what kind of towers to use to fend off the enemies. The towers usually have different abilities and cost varying amounts of money. He or she starts out with a certain amount of money to build the first set of towers, then earns more as the player defeats each enemy. These games also vary from scenario to scenario and the enemies can range anywhere from being a computer virus to being a caveman. Anyways, these baddies come in waves, and the player’s task is to do what he can during and in between these waves to fend them off with his towers. Turn-based Games are pretty self explanatory. The player uses turns to make decisions whether to attack, prepare for the next turn, or respond to a previous attack. Some more specific decisions to choose from might be using boosts, healing, or preparing a weapon for the next turn. These can overlap with RPG’s or with the Defend and Conquer subcategory because they sometimes use a turn-based interface.

RPG’s make up a subcategory in which the player may control one or more characters that have different abilities, and the player makes choices on how to develop each character as they progress in the game. The player can do things like use points to upgrade character stats, find better weapons and/or armor, or further develop specific fighting moves. To achieve these goals, the player must fight bad guys, level up, and collect loot. The Defend and Conquer subcategory is also self explanatory. The player starts with a base of some kind, builds resources, and spreads out to take over and defend other bases.

We’ve covered a lot of ground! We have discussed what a strategy game is as well as all the different types of strategy games that are available. The only thing left to do is to play them!