The numerous playable levels are in fact very diverse, often very creatively and practically always fun to play. Exactly as we know from the Galaxy range. One moment you are caught up in a brilliant shade game filled with optical illusions, a moment later, you will work in a continuous one sprint with coins strewn trail off. The levels are all varied and really have a unique identity. Granted, there are a few less exciting levels in the game – for example, something brave rides on the back of a dragon Plessie – but the vast majority of climbing and scrambling courses are of great class.

The multiplayer Super Mario 3D World contains the usual three characters – Mario, Luigi and Toad – a fourth hero. Or rather heroine. None other than Princess Peach is entering one of the playable characters. This time she is not even the princess in distress, but pulls them together with Mario, Luigi and Toad battle to liberate Bowser’s hell grip.

That is partly because many items and power-ups that can be found in its levels – a portable and voracious piranha plant until the cherries item to duplicate your character immediately. Cat power-up is one of the most prominent additions and brings some new features with it. A feline Mario can new locations levels reached by climbing on walls or chop. By purple rocks around with his claws Naturally, the most perfect foes no match for the sharp cat claws.

Power-ups and items are not only very practical to complete a level, alive but are sometimes essential to collect all gather items. In most levels are three green stars to collect, some of which are often extremely well hidden. To find a star you must bite for example by an electrical barrier with a piranha plant or popping a well-disguised double wall with a gun headdress. Continuous vigilance, because the greens stars can be found everywhere. And the real collector, who wants them all obviously hauling.

Collecting stars offers an extra dimension when you play the game with more than one person. Stars deliver because quite a lot of points and that’s exactly where the competitive and cooperative multiplayer mode about. Expect an intense battle stars and other valuable collectibles if you play Super Mario 3D World with one or more other players. Although you can choose to clean each other to work together and to award some opportunities, but practice shows that the competitive nature often prevails over the cooperative mercy.

Super Mario 3D World is an extremely accessible game. For example, some levels are only difficult when you’re trying to collect. All collectible items Of course, the game also features plenty of spicy levels, which even the most experienced players have an uphill start. For the less talented players a chance of success to offer makes the white Tanooki power-up his re-entry. After a few unfortunate attempts this buoy will appear in the level and turns Mario into an almost immortal powerhouse. Picking up this item is of course entirely optional.

How do you play multiplayer, in most cases, fun is guaranteed. With emphasis on “in most cases”. Some levels in Super Mario 3D World are less suitable because of the hectic multiplayer violence and soon degenerate into an unpleasant mess. That is partly because the camera is often the fastest and most brutal player follows, allowing the slower players and collectors careful not regularly come to pass. An annoying blemish on it so far so neat blazon of Super Mario 3D World.

If you are one of the slow players or collectors are careful in hectic outside the boat: do not worry. Even watching and listening to or for bacon and beans play the game has been a pleasurable experience. Super Mario 3D World is one beautifully crafted game, and harnessed the power of the Wii U outstanding. In addition, the colorful and uplifting images are often jazzed up with a brilliant selection of tunes and melodies. But regardless of the wealth of listening and viewing pleasure, it is above all the unbridled fun that this new Mario adventure gets top marks.

Super Mario 3D World is full of dynamic, creative and diverse levels that we just became the Galaxy games and knows how to implement it in the style of Super Mario 3D Land. Flawlessly The result is a fantastic platform game play out not only delicious, but also a delight for the eyes and ears. The multiplayer is called predominantly managed already to some sessions sometimes culminate in a charming little chaos.