Pick a good car

Most online car games allow the user to choose a car he or she is going to use. It goes without saying that you should pick a good car that has good stability, acceleration and brakes. For most games, the choice of cars is the same for all players. However, in some games, you only unlock certain cars after winning certain races or by purchasing them. Whatever the case, just make certain you have picked the best car available to you.

Tune it up

Some online games allow you to tune up your car according to your preferences just like in a real world. If you are playing such a game, then you should take advantage of this feature. If you can, begin by upgrading the engine to give your car more power. You can also get advanced breaks, high performance tires and even an extra gas tank. If your game requires you to use credits to obtain these parts, ensure that you earn some first.

Go to practice mode

Most racing games have a practice mode to allow beginners to learn the basics of racing before they can start to race their opponents. If your game is like this, do not ignore this feature. You should practice as much as possible before you even think of entering your first racing event. Do not enter a race immediately after a practice session because you will be too tired to maintain focus.

Race at lower levels

This is especially important for beginners. One of the reasons you might not be winning is because you might be racing with pros yet you are just new to the game. Try racing on a lower level to challenge opponents with the same capabilities as you. Nearly all racing games have different racing levels.