Super Champ

Whenever I feel like “living on the edge” (at least in a virtual world) and experiencing at last a few drops of all that adrenaline that real-life champ riders do, I play this game here, another one of my top favorite motorcycle games online! Unlike “Hill Blazer”, this focuses more on your skills to pull off gravity-defying back and front flips and it tests your endurance when it comes to climbing some of the most challenging obstacles (and the track sure is filled with plenty of those). It gets tough even from the very first level, from the very first barrel left on your way that you need to climb over using the indicated combination of arrow keys. It’s skills demanding, it’s addicting, it’s upgraded with a high dose of danger, too, and its great gameplay seems meant to actually make you feel as if you’re the onscreen rider and that you’re striving to tame your super motorcycle and balance it right from its saddle (it’s obvious that its developers have focused more on its catchy gameplay than on its graphics, but I’m absolutely fine with it, it doesn’t make it any less engaging). All these features are the “ingredients” that put together the recipe for a successful web-based motorcycle game!

2039 Rider

This is the game on my list that makes the perfect balance of great graphics and addicting gameplay! With its eye-catching graphics with a futuristic flavor and its engaging, challenging gameplay (not to mention is catchy game plot, that of exploring a spectacular world of the future on an amazing futuristic sport bike), “2039 Rider” has quickly won its right to get added to my list! It keeps me glued to my desk chair for a long, long time each time I start playing it, luring me in a world of bizarre, jaw-dropping, intricate buildings of the future and challenging me to keep my super motorcycle balanced while climbing over different types of vehicles and other types of obstacles that stand between me and the title of “the best bike rider of year 2019”!